New running shoes.

For some, they will be a lifeline.

For others, a reason.

For all, a gift.


With the help of your donations we provide new running shoes for Moms caring for children that are critically ill or have a special need. We are passionate about helping Moms move forward, and we know you are too!



I received this pair of shoes today along with socks and a letter...I was surprised and brought to tears.


Thank you so much to everyone involved. Tomorrow is a big day for our little guy and it will give us answers to what the next three years of treatments will bring. 


I can't describe what this thoughtful gift means and how much we appreciate the support!


                              -- Heart Strides Recipient whose

                                 2 year old son was diagnosed

                                 with leukemia.





Photo: Elizabeth Flores

A simple gift

that has the power

to change their life.